Manuscript name: Overflow able to explain little of the Whole
Category No: 213.6 / P. M
Author: Mohammed Bin Abdul Raouf Taj Arifin bin Ali Zine El Abidine Alhaddadi Cairene
General No: 2139
Author date: 952 - 1031 e
Reference: Azhar 1: 576, Information 7: 75
Description: Hasan copy, copy bushy, c. 7 minus 8 minus first drew the other, printed
Material Description: C 1-5, 7, 8 in 7 mg, different ruler, different sizes
Subject: Other Sunni Hadiths
Referrals: A. Mannaawi, Muhammad bin Abdul Raouf Taj familiar with (952 - 1031 e b). A copyist. D Date of Origin. Explain the small mosque
Reproducer Name: Safety bin Salama Hegazi Bin Bin Guest Cherkaoui
Copy Date: 1170 - 1173 e
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