Manuscript name: The mercy of the nation in different Imams
Category No: 217 / t. S
Author: Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Hussein al-Qurashi Shafei
General No: 866
Author date: 780 e
Reference: Detection misgivings 1: 836, Authors Glossary 10: 138
Description: Hasan version, its line of good copy, the effects of pollution, poverty as red heads
Material Description: 151 x 21 s 20.5 × 15 cm
Subject: Islamic schools of jurisprudence
Referrals: A. Judge Safed, Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman (he was alive in 780 e b). A copyist. D Date of Origin. Owner in matters of dispute.
Reproducer Name: Ali Ibn Al-Haj Mustafa Qadri Hanafi Conclave
Copy Date: 1060 e
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